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Please don't laugh at me;

I'm embarrassed.

2 February
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"You. You remember yourself, you remember you, the you before all of this ever got up and running. You remember and you keep it safe and. And you keep running. Keep running forever, and go fast enough that Key never quite catches up to Kibum. Or you can tell yourself that you're strong enough to keep them separate. Or you can just smash them together, just be a new person. Me," he pauses for air, "Me, I'm a coward."

He falls silent again.

"I run." His voice catches, shakes a little. "I run."

not quite so (as bright as); lazychaoz

call me lyn

i'm fourteen, i'm asian, i'm loud, i'm crazy, i'm short and darn, i'm proud of it.
standing at 1.5m tall, the lynnosaurus rex has a habit of laughing for no reason, and being creepy in general.
this creature loves SHINee, Girls' Generation and f(x).
other bands are loved too,
she is also known to her wife, 2pmconspiracy, as Marshie, AKA Marshmallow.
her wife is having an affair, and so is she.
what a happy family ♥

i write fanfictions.
could never really draw that well.
i'm a really lazy person, so if you're trying to find something i wrote, look either at shining_minds or onkey.
i don't really update my journal/fic list. :\

oh and key, i'm leaving you for onew.
lmfao, i hate that i love you even though you're semi-bald and have shaped brows. fml.

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